Quick Answer: How Much Money Do I Need For An Operators Licence?

How much does it cost for an operators Licence?

If your licence application is successful, you will then have to pay a licensing fee of £449.00 which covers a period of five years.

A fee of £449.00 is also payable at the end of the five year period if you wish to continue your existing licence.

If you need an interim licence or direction, this will cost £68..

Can you drive a recovery truck on a car Licence?

A category B licence, also known as the generic car licence, allows a driver to operate any vehicle up to 3,500kg with less than 8 seats, with or without a trailer weighing up to 750kg.

What is the largest lorry I can drive on a car Licence?

Drivers who passed their category B (car) driving test before 1997 have grandfather rights and are able to drive a 7.5-tonne truck without taking another test. They will have the C1 entitlement on their licence, which covers vehicles from 3.5- 7.5-tonnes GVW.

How do I get a 3.5 ton Licence?

If you got your car licence after 1 January 1997, you can drive vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes with your car licence. To drive vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes, you will need further training to get a category C1 licence. You must be at least 18 years old, and pass medical, theory and practical tests.

What do I need for an O Licence?

You will need a goods vehicle operator’s licence if you use a goods vehicle of over 3.5 tonnes gross plated weight or (where there is no plated weight) an unladen weight of more than 1,525kg to transport goods for hire or reward or in connection with a trade or business.

How long does an operators Licence application take?

9 weeksHow long does it take to get an operator licence? An application for a Goods Vehicle Operators Licence can take up to 9 weeks. Although is exceptional cases it is possible to obtain an interim licence.

Is a van classed as a goods vehicle?

A goods vehicle is defined as a vehicle of a construction primarily suited for the conveyance of goods or burden of any description (not people). A vehicle whose design weight exceeds 3,500kg is not a van, but a heavy goods vehicle.

How do I get an operators Licence UK?

You can apply by post if you cannot use the online service. If you live in England, Scotland or Wales, contact the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency ( DVSA ) to request a form. Contact the Transport Regulation Unit if you live in Northern Ireland. Send your completed form to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner.

Do you need an operators Licence for a recovery truck?

If your vehicle is exempt then you do not need an Operators’ Licence. … By doing so, your truck is no longer a recovery vehicle and you are transporting goods for hire or reward or in connection with a trade or business. In that scenario you would be operating without a licence and are liable to be prosecuted.

Can I drive a 7.5 ton lorry without a CPC?

DVSA has reminded drivers that they now can’t legally drive a 7.5 tonne truck professionally even if it’s on their driving licence unless they have completed the Driver CPC.

How long does an O Licence last?

5 yearsThis licence allows you to carry your own goods, but not other people’s goods. Your licence will continue to be valid as long as you pay your continuation fee every 5 years and operate within the terms of your licence. You’ll be contacted every 5 years to make sure that your licence shows the correct information.

How much money do I need in the bank for an operators Licence?

Standard national and international licence applicants will be required to demonstrate £8000 (previously £7950) for the first vehicle and £4450 (previously £4400) for each additional vehicle they request to be authorised.

Do I need an operators Licence to hire a 7.5 ton lorry?

You still need an O licence even if you are hiring the vehicle. You can drive a vehicle up to 7.5 ton gross on your car licence which gives you Grandfathers rights for the licence up to that weight,provided you passed your test before 1989.

What insurance do you need for a recovery truck?

A recovery truck can be insured individually, or it can be covered under a motor trade insurance policy. This type of policy covers the vehicle under its own road risk, or it can be covered under a combined motor trade insurance policy, which includes the vehicles and also the premises.

What does a mean on driving Licence?

Driving licence categories you need to complete an additional test for. Category A. With a catgory A, you can drive motorbikes with a power output more than 35kW or a power to weight ratio more than 0.2kW/kg.

Is a spec lift classed as a trailer?

In summary, the rule is – You are not allowed to tow a vehicle weighing over 750kg on a spec lift over as it is classed un-braked trailer. However, you are exempt from this law if the vehicle is broken down.

How do I get an operators Licence?

To qualify for an Operator’s Licence, whether it is Standard or Restricted Licence, you must satisfy a traffic commissioner that you:Are of good repute and fit to hold a licence.Are of appropriate financial standing eg: you have enough money to run your business.More items…

What is an O Licence UK?

An operator’s licence (or O licence) is the legal authority needed to operate goods vehicles in Great Britain.