How Much Does It Cost To Get A WoF In NZ?

How much is a full service?

To determine the average cost to service a car, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration including vehicle types and models, geographical location, type of services and the distance travelled.

An average cost of a car service in Australia is $150 to $550..

How often do you need a WoF in NZ?

How often a WoF is required. Vehicles first registered anywhere in the world on or after 1 January 2000 will need annual WoF inspections for their lifetime. For new vehicles, after an initial inspection, another WoF inspection won’t be required until the 3rd anniversary of their first registration.

How early can you get a WoF?

The existing law that requires a vehicle to have a new WoF within one month before the date of delivery to a purchaser has not changed. This applies to all vehicles, regardless of their age.

Is it illegal to have no spare TYRE NZ?

It’s no longer a legal requirement to carry a spare tyre and jack in your car. In fact, more car manufacturers are opting for puncture repair kits instead.

What is the fine for no WoF?

$200The Warrant of Fitness test (WOF) is a legal requirement. No vehicle can be operated without a current Warrant of Fitness. Unfortunately, if you use your vehicle without a current WOF, you will be fined $200. This fine also applies if you park your car in a public space.

How long does a WoF last in NZ?

12 monthsless than 2 years old, the WoF will be issued to the third anniversary of when it was first registered. between 2 and 3 years old, the WoF will be issued for 12 months.

Can you tint headlights NZ?

Tinting. It is illegal to apply any kind of tint film, tint paint or opaque sticker to any lamp which has a function other than decoration (eg non-cosmetic).

How often does my car need a WoF?

every six monthsSince 1 January 2014, vehicles first registered on or after 1 January 2000 must undergo a WoF test annually; older vehicles must undergo a WoF test every six months.

How long does a WoF take?

25-35 minutesThe WoF inspection will take between 25-35 minutes. You can wait and have a free coffee or tea in our comfortable waiting area or you can drop your car off.

What if my car fails WoF?

If your vehicle fails a WoF inspection and your old WoF has expired, you are not permitted by law to drive it on the road unless it is being operated solely for the purpose of obtaining a new WoF. … If you exceed the 28 days from the initial inspection, a new fee and inspection is required.

How much does a service cost NZ?

How much is a service? The AA reports that the average service cost is between $150 and $250, which will vary based on the make of your car. A basic service is available for around $50 from VTNZ.

Do all 4 Tyres need to be the same speed rating?

For optimal safety and performance, Continental recommends fitting the same tyres to every wheel position on your car, so drivers should have the same brand, size, tread pattern, load index and speed rating on the front and rear tyres.

Can you get a WoF without a Rego?

Your vehicle must have a current warrant of fitness (WoF) or certificate of fitness (CoF) before you can get a licence or use the vehicle on the road, unless your vehicle is exempt from continuous vehicle licensing or does not require a WoF or CoF for road use (mopeds etc.).

What does a full service include?

A car service can involve up to 50 or more components, systems checks and adjustments including: An engine oil change and/or filter replacement. Checking lights, tyres, exhaust and operations of brakes and steering.

How much does an oil change cost NZ?

If your vehicle uses standard mineral oil, a 4 litre oil change could come in around the $50 mark. Then you have to factor in the cost to replace the filter – about $17 – and of course the cost of labour which can be another fifty bucks for a half-hour job.

How much does a CoF cost NZ?

The certification fee increases of $0.95 and $5.03 for WoF and CoF respectively are small compared with the total cost of a WoF (around $50) or CoF (around $150) inspection.

Can you get a WoF after it expires?

The date that your WoF expires is the last chance you have to get your vehicle inspected before it becomes illegal to drive on the road. If your car doesn’t pass its WoF, you can return your vehicle to the workshop within 28 days, after any repairs have been made, for a free recheck.

How much is a WoF at Vtnz?

A Warrant of Fitness at most VTNZ branches is $67.

Do I need a spare TYRE for WoF?

Your thinking is correct, I believe you do not need to have a spare to pass a WOF, but if you do have one it must be in good condition and secured adequately.

Is it illegal for wheels to stick out?

In NSW you are allowed to fit wheels that are up to 26mm wider than the manufacturer’s specified wheels without needing to notify the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA).

How long can you drive with an expired WoF?

The 28 days do NOT allow a person to continue using the vehicle for a purpose other than for bringing the vehicle into compliance. Where a vehicle still has a current WoF/CoF when it is failed, it must be brought up to compliance before it can again be operated for other purposes up to the date the WoF/CoF expires.